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Dental phantom M2-PRO




M2-PRO are one of the world’s best training models for anterior teeth restorations. These phantoms suit perfectly as training samples for courses devoted to direct restoration, for preparations for indirect constructions, as a material for individual manual training, and skills improvement on reproducing translucency and exact teeth color.

– Amazing optical structure is totally identical to natural teeth, expressed areas of translucency, Halo effect, dentinal core with a natural configuration of mamelons.
– Natural anatomy, delicate surface texture. At the moment there are three different variations of teeth shape for M2-PRO, and each of them has its own special form, different level of relief expressiveness and translucency.
– Soft gingiva on a solid endo-carcass. The thickness of mucosa corresponds to a biological parameters of natural teeth width – around 3 mm to the bone. Material is very resistant to mechanical loads.
– Adjustable micro-mobility of teeth. Special fixture mechanism provides a great stability of teeth in alveole.
– All constructive elements (teeth, gingiva and endo-carcass) are replaceable and easy to change in case of service wear.