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ESTELITE ASTERIA is a light-cured radiopaque composite for anterior and posterior use. It considerably simplifies multilayer techniques, yet delivers outstanding aesthetics.

Unlike multilayer techniques used with conventional composites, ESTELITE ASTERIA uses only 2 layers for optimal results.

Simplifying is the right word to describe this highly aesthetic composite, based on the chromatic and translucency matching of body and enamel masses. Both are able to replicate nature: body shades modulate the degree of translucency through their thickness while enamel shades provide effects similar to the enamel of natural teeth.

A few essential shades (7 body and 5 enamel shades) are able to cover almost all the clinical needs of professionals. In addition, the material can also be applied using a simplified technique, thus making the work of professionals easier.

With only two masses the best aesthetic results can be obtained in both the anterior and posterior regions. This product provides comfort and work ergonomics in the dental office: a close match in the evolution of conservative dentistry.


✔ Anterior and posterior areas
✔ Composite veneers
✔ Diastema closure
✔ Composite/ceramic repair

Available colours

✔ Body Shades: A1B / A2B / A3B / A3.5B / A4B / B3B / BL
✔ Enamel Shades: NE (natural enamel) /  WE (white enamel) / YE (yellow enamel) / TE (trans enamel) / OcE (occlusal enamel)

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