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Idioma: Port, Eng, Rus
Dental photography. Large-scale webinar
Viktor Scherbakov
125 USD / 49000 KZT
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A large-scale webinar in which we will analyze all technical nuances of dental photography in all of its aspects. The explanation will be carried out in the format of a demonstration on the patient from different cameras and angles. You will not be able to miss a single detail! The webinar will combine the basic knowledge necessary to understand what a camera, lens and flash are, and it will help you to figure out how to set up the settings. We will tell you about the standard photo protocoling process and reveal the secrets of artistic photography.

Part I. Theory (duration 3-4 hours)

  • -   Equipment study. How to find proper photo-combination?
  • -   DSLR-camera and Lens. Principles of work, configuration, Focal Length Concept, right Lens choice
  • -   Market analysis. How to avoid extra-spending
  • -   Camera flash. Significance of light in Photography. 5 levels of Lighting
  • -   Study of supplementary accessories for Dental Photography: retractors, intraoral mirrors, contrasters, polarizing filters, radio synchronizers, tripods, backstage, etc.

Part 2. Camera settings

  • -   Basic settings: camera exposure, aperture, ISO
  • -   White Balance. Correct settings
  • -   Settings regulation depending on situation and purpose

Part 3. Traditional dental photography (in a format of a live demo)

  • -   Photo examination of a patient. Full complex of photographs required for Dentist’s work
  • -   Portrait Photography. Perspective and rules. Organization of Dentist’s office for Portrait shooting. Minimum set. Use of softboxes for Portrait images
  • -   Intraoral Photography. Methods and approaches, perspectives, set of supplementary accessories
  • -   Photo protocolling of clinical cases. Special aspects of Anterior and Posterior Teeth shooting
  • -   Assistant’s functions in dental photo protocol

Part 4. Principles of Creative Shooting (in a format of a live demo)

  • -   Light Art. Offers overview
  • -   Rules of working with Softboxes. Area of use. How does the distance, angle, size and form of softboxes affect the shooting process
  • -   Different light configuration for Dental Photography
  • -   Artistic photographing of Anterior and Posterior teeth
  • -   Shooting in back-lighting
  • -   What is back-lighting?
  • -   How can you express surface, texture and volume disposal with the help of back-lighting
  • -   Artistic techniques for make-up and decorating

Part 5. Object Macro Photography.

  • -   How to take artistic photographs of crowns, models, dental instruments, extracted teeth
  • -   Mirror shooting with different backstages
  • -   Extracted teeth transmission shooting. Opalescence beauty
  • -   Shooting of a tooth slice in Polarized Light.

Part 6. Micro Photography.

  • -   Necessary equipment. Lens and combined optical components for Micro Photography
  • -   What are micro-rails. Where to buy and how to use.
  • -   Stacking. Methods, types and approaches for Software Processing

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