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Idioma: Eng, Rus
Viktor Scherbakov
91 USD / 40000 KZT
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A new and unique webinar aimed at mastering a variety of techniques for aesthetic rehabilitation of patients with diastemas and tremors. This online event will cover both the basic principles of free space management in the anterior region and the deep methodological, instrumental and tactical nuances of managing such clinical cases. Demonstration of unique techniques.

- Complexities of clinical cases with diastemas and tremas.

- A brief discussion of the morphology of the anterior teeth.

- Space management. Correct distribution of proportions. Working with the height and width of teeth.

- Strategic planning. Anaesthesia issues.

- Distribution of layers, choice of shade to create imperceptible transitions.

Working with soft tissues. How to get composite into the subgingival area in a controlled manner.

- Recommendations for postoperative management of patients.

- Retainers and mouthguards. What to pay attention to.

A variety of clinical cases.

- Restoration of contact points.

- Finishing protocol with emphasis on peri- and subgingival treatment of composite restorations.

- Work steps with detailed comments by the lecturer (in demonstration format).

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