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Idioma: Ing, Rus
Monsters of restoration. Composite Resin restorations: Planning, technique and possibilities.
Thiago Veras Fernandez
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Graduated at the State University of Londrina (UEL).

Master in Dentistry (aesthetic dentistry) UNOPAR.

PHD in Dentistry (aesthetic dentistry) UNOPAR.

Specialization in implant dentistry INTEGRALE, UnicSul.

Technical course in laboratory prosthesis C&S.

Professor and international lecturer in aesthetic dentistry with resins and dental photography.

Author of the chapter of the book “The aesthetics yearbook” by SBOE with composite resin.

Author of the cover and chapter of the book “Rebuilding the smile: Science, art and technology” about dental photography.

Author of the chapter of the book “Anterior aesthetic rehabilitation” on dental photography.

Reviewer and author of several articles published in the areas of composite resin and dental photography.

This online congress will consist of the performances of three outstanding specialists: Thiago Veras Fernandez (Brazil), Viktor Shcherbakov (Russia) and Liu Liujingjin (China). Each of these doctors has a great clinical experience, in which they use their special and unique methods and approaches . All three speakers are internationally famous authors of dental training programs helping specialists to master the complex nuances of clinical practice.

Thiago, Victor and Liu will present extremely interesting lectures on three different aspects of direct composite restoration with loads of useful, practically-focused and motivating information in it!

  • - Is composite a reliable material? What science shows us?
  • - Dental and facial analysis for rehabilitation
  • - Indirect composite technique
  • - Dental bleaching
  • - Composites VS ceramics
  • - Composite resin selection, chemical and mechanical behavior
  • - Bonding to enamel and dentin
  • - Lightcuring technique and materials
  • - Full mouth rehabilitacion and anterior restorations with composite resin

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