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Idioma: Ing, Rus
Morphology of incisors: сentral, lateral, upper and lower jaw
Viktor Scherbakov
39 USD / 16900 KZT
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This online congress will consist of the performances of three outstanding specialists: Thiago Veras Fernandez (Brazil), Viktor Shcherbakov (Russia) and Liu Liujingjin (China). Each of these doctors has a great clinical experience, in which they use their special and unique methods and approaches . All three speakers are internationally famous authors of dental training programs helping specialists to master the complex nuances of clinical practice.

Thiago, Victor and Liu will present extremely interesting lectures on three different aspects of direct composite restoration with loads of useful, practically-focused and motivating information in it!

  • - The fundamental basis of dental aesthetics from the point of evolutionary morphology and philosophy. The true geometry of natural beauty.
  • - The degree and quality of functional involvement of incisors.
  • - Variants of an incisors shapes.
  • - Basic elements of incisor morphology.
  • - Variations of the relief. Atlas of shapes and surface characterizations. The texture.
  • - Lateral verges of incisors.
  • - Analysis of a lateral upper jaw incisors morphological features.
  • - Analysis of a lower jaw  incisors morphological features.

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