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Model M2-LUX

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M2-LUX dental models will perfectly suit for the courses devoted to direct and indirect restorations and for individual manual trainings.

– Amazing optical features totally identical to natural teeth, expressed areas of translucency, Halo effect, dentine core with a natural configuration of mamelons.
– Natural relief and anatomy. Delicate texture of the surface.
– M2-LUX teeth made of composite materials
– Soft gingiva covering on a solid endo-carcass. The width of covering corresponds with the parameters of natural teeth biological width – around 3 mm to the bone. Good mechanical resistance of the covering material.
– Teeth micromobility.
– Double fixation mechanism that provides proper stability of the teeth.
– All constitutive parts (teeth, gingiva and endo-carcass) are removable and are easy to change after they are worn out.