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The book " Functional morphology of posterior teeth."

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This book represents an atlas of posterior teeth morphology (shape) and its function systematized in particular way. The structure includes three chapters, each of them has its own thematic orientation and different level of complicity. Described schemes of restoring occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth will help to create an understanding of logical principles of shape formation, and various illustrations (which are the exceptionally natural teeth photographs) will be a good guide to a further practical work.
The book will be interesting to dentists and dental technicians, as well as to students of dental faculties.

The number of pages – 70, rather small. But the initial idea did not involve the pursuit of volume. It contains on the pages a concentrated and understandable explanation of the topic, without unnecessary comments and thematic digressions.

The book is made in an elegant aesthetic design. Each book has its own individual cover made of a special type of cardboard, pleasant to the touch.