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Direct restoration NO-PREP
Ivan Ruzin
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  • - Specialization -prosthodontist, therapeutic dentistry.
  • - The main specialization: artistic restoration of teeth with composite materials, restoration of teeth with all-ceramic structures, aesthetic rehabilitation of a smile. Elimination of defects in dentition, discoloration.
  • - He graduated with honors from Moscow State Medical University named after A.I. Evdokimov.
  • - Author of a series of courses for dentists on the restoration of teeth "Direct. The Way of the Artist". Winner of the "Special Award" in the international competition for aesthetic restoration GCCC 2019.

This lecture will discuss a clear and transparent protocol on how a dentist can make composite veneers of increased aesthetics without preparation: (planning features, analysis of the patient's aesthetics and function, choice of material and various working methods, analysis of errors and ways to correct them). This lecture will be useful for therapists, as it will allow them to expand the possibilities of their reception due to the new option, as well as for prosthodontists, because it will allow them to see and understand the possibilities of the composite material.

Plan of the theoretical part:

1. Morphology of the frontal group of teeth. Aesthetic and functional characteristics of the frontal group of teeth.

2. Features of planning aesthetic works. What to pay attention to? What are the property factors on the success of the restoration?

3. Choice of composite material for composite veneers.

4. Chromatic effects. How to make a live edge? How to create energy? The nuances of working with paint.

5. Clinical case of work in natural shades. Features and step-by-step protocol.

6. Combination of whitening and restoration. Maximum results with minimum restoration.

7. Bleach restoration. Features of working with near spots.

8. Combination of direct and indirect restoration in a standard total restoration.

9. Finishing of the restoration. How to create a form? The nuances and tricks of finishing, cauldron tools integrate the restoration in form.

10. Subgingival treatment. How and what to polish under the gum?

11. Application of the texture of the vestibular surface. Polishing kit and step-by-step protocol.

12. Factors affecting the long-term restoration. Criteria for success and features of care.


Plan of the practical part (video demonstration):

1. Method for revealing the degree of average optical complexity.

2. The technique of creating a veneer of the highest optical complexity, working with dyes.

3. Creation of a form, features of contouring, analysis of angles, position in relation to the patient, stages.

4. Video demonstration of polishing: creating simple and attractive textures for direct restoration.

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