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Finishing and polishing of composite restorations
Viktor Scherbakov

“The event took place on March 11th. The webinar recording is available until July 20, 2023.”

This webinar is devoted to the detailed analysis of finishing and polishing protocols for anterior and posterior teeth restorations. Techniques of controlled texturing of anterior teeth surfaces, work in a subgingival area and use of abrasive strips, the effective finishing of complex occlusal surfaces, etc.

Part 1. Finishing of anterior restorations. 

— Overview of finishing stages

— Detailed analysis of the tools used in each stage. Contouring, grinding and polishing

— Work with a subgingival part of restoration, finishing of proximal surfaces

— Special techniques and methods for creating a detailed morphology of the surface

— Reviews of clinical videos 


Part 2. Finishing of posterior restorations 

— Removal of the oxygen inhibition layer 

— Non-traumatic occlusal integration of restoration 

— Polishing without risking to "traumatize" the relief

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