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Language: English (30.04 - Russian subtitles)
Live Clinical Case: Closing Multiple Diastemas
Viktor Scherbakov
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Event Start Time: 7.00 AM Central European time (UTC+1) / 9.00 AM Moscow Time (UTC+3)

Join us for an engaging dental live stream where we delve into the nuances of closing multiple diastemas, those spaces between teeth. In our program, we'll cover everything from initial examination to final polishing, providing valuable insights into clinical strategies and techniques.

We'll conduct a thorough examination of the patient, analyze the clinical situation, and devise a treatment strategy. We'll discuss the complexities of cases involving diastemas and tremas, focusing on managing free space, proportion distribution, and potential complications.

Throughout the session, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights from our experienced clinicians. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and refine your skills in dental restoration techniques!

Total duration: 8 hours.

Total duration: 8 hours.

Introduction (duration about 30 minutes):

  •           Examination of the patient, analysis of the clinical situation, and treatment strategy.
  •           Explanation of the complexity and specificity of clinical cases with diastemas and tremas.
  •           How to manage free space. Proper distribution of proportions. Working with the height and width of teeth.
  •           Strategic planning, possible complications, and ways to prevent them.

Treatment, Part One (duration about 3 hours):

  •           Shade selection procedure, photo protocol using different lighting options.
  •           Anesthesia.
  •           Implementation of the restoration using the DeepFakeOptics technique, forming the base.
  •           Layer distribution, choosing shades to create seamless transitions.
  •           Working with soft tissues. How to controllably extend composite into the subgingival area.

Break 30-40 minutes.

Treatment, Part Two (duration 2-3 hours):

  •           Continuation of restoration using the DeepFakeOptics technique, reduction of surface layers, implementation of optical effects with composite dyes.

Break 30-40 minutes.

Treatment, Part Three (duration about 2 hours):

  •           Final finishing, creation of microrelief, polishing.
  •           Recommendations for postoperative management.
  •           Retainers and caps. What to pay attention to.
  •           Final photo protocol.

Answering participants' questions.

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