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Professional Dental Photography
Renato Ferreira
June 22 2024 until June 22: 60 USD/ 27500 KZT after June 22: 85 USD/30000 KZT
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Renato Ferreira is a famous dental professional and an international reference in Professional Dental Photography.

In his career he has taught more than one hundred courses in more than thirty-five cities across the country. His work is considered and referenced by renowned professionals in Brazil and abroad.

Focused on innovation and constant improvement, he has elevated the concept of dental photos to a level of art, far beyond the simple documentation of each treatment carried out.

Today, his goal is to share the knowledge he has acquired over the years, awakening the artistic side of every professional who has the interest or need to improve in this segment.

In the day-to-day life of the clinical dentist, the complexity of practicing his profession with extremely technical procedures, taking care of the management of his structure and team, and also having the need for constant updating and professional improvement, means that the task of documenting patients takes a back seat. The aim of this lesson is to show you in a simple and practical way what really matters when it comes to recording your patients with quality.

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