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Safe removal of fractured endodontic instruments
Olga Zemliakova
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Olga Vladimirovna Zemliakova

Dentist Endodontist Russia, Vladivostok

Dentist, Chief Doctor of the Dental Clinic at the Pacific State Medical University.

  • - In 2008, graduated from Vladivostok State Medical University (VSMU). Certified in "Therapeutic Dentistry" and "Surgical Dentistry."
  • - Performing microscope-assisted tooth treatments since 2012. • 14 years of experience.
  • - Specializes in complex endodontic retreatment, referential practice, and apical surgery.
  • - Author of lecture-practical courses "Complex Retreatments: Extracting Broken Instruments from Tooth Root Canals" and "Treatment of Apical Periodontitis."
  • - Lecturer at International Endodontic Congresses (IFEA 2022 – Chile, COSAE 2023 – Argentina, TEI 2022 – Egypt, SSG III 2023 – Spain).
  • - Conducts seminars and masterclasses for practicing dentists, training them in dental microscope usage. Held practical masterclasses for dentists in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, Egypt, UAE, Chile, Spain, and Argentina.
  • - Key Opinion Leader for Acteon.

In 2023:

  • - Delivered 36 lectures with over 7,000 participating dentists from various countries (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Mexico, Chile, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Spain, Egypt, etc.).
  • - Conducted practical courses spanning 43 days, training more than 1,720 dentists.

Dear Colleagues, I invite you to attend my seminar dedicated to the challenging retreatment of root canals using dental microscopes. Through clinical cases from my practice and the latest scientific research in dentistry, we will explore the capabilities of modern microscopic endodontics and refine the skills of precise manipulations within the root canal system.

The webinar is beneficial for general dentists, endodontists, doctors utilizing dental microscopes in their practice, and those considering incorporating microscopes into their daily work. Doctors who have completed a course in microscopic endodontics will gain knowledge about apical periodontitis treatment. Particular attention will be given to complex re-treatment of the root canal system, including the extraction of metal and fiber posts, dowels, and broken endodontic instruments. Demonstrations will cover techniques for practicing instrument retrieval from root canals, addressing the feasibility and complications prevention during such intricate procedures.

• Prognosis of endodontic treatment based on clinical situations.
• Fractured instruments in root canals and unsuccessful endodontic treatments are
• Decision-making framework.
• Discussion of main causes leading to instrument fractures in root canals and prevention
• Suitability of extracting broken instruments from root canals based on diagnosis and
location within the root canal system.
• Discussion and analysis of key methodologies and instruments.
• Role of ultrasonics in endodontics.
• Recommendations for using ultrasonic tips.
• Demonstration of methods and key steps for extracting endodontic instruments from root
canals using dental microscopes from coronal, middle, and apical thirds, based on 50 clinical
• Complications avoidance strategies.

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