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Techniques for reproducing optical properties
Viktor Scherbakov
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“The event took place on March 25th. The webinar recording is available until July 20, 2023.”

We will conduct a detailed analysis of various methods for creating the optical structure of anterior teeth restorations. We will get to know a wide range of unique techniques that will allow you to reproduce natural-looking restorations of anterior teeth, conduct a detailed analysis of the steps and stages, examine shades and structure of layers that can help to be much more effective and efficient in a variety of clinical circumstances. The functional indications of each of the techniques will be analyzed in detail in the frame of the webinar, various video protocols with a large number of practical nuances when creating restorations  will be demonstrated, which will allow you to immediately adopt them into your practice.

Part 1. Analysis of the natural optical anatomy of anterior teeth

— Internal structures. Overview of the translucency options. 


Part 2. Universal multi-concept of layers 

— Analysis of layers and possible shade solutions for working in different parts of the anterior tooth. 


Part 3. The technique of the palatal silicone key 

— Advantages and disadvantages. Indications. Practical tips. Techniques for modifying the classic version of the silicone index method. Overview of variants of the technique implementations. 


Part 4. Free modeling

— Advantages and disadvantages. Functional indications leeway. Practical tips. Techniques for modifying the classic version. Video demonstration. 


Part 5. FreeHand technique 

— History and causes of occurrence. Advantages and features of the technique. Practical implementation. Video demonstration. 


Part 6. DeepFake Optics technique. Creating optics by using dyes in ultra-thin depth. 

— Description of the technique, advantages and disadvantages. Practical implementation. Video demonstration.

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