143 USD / 61700 KZT
Viewing webinars using the InfoProtector Player application.
Access to a paid online event - 6 months from the date of purchase / publication
Frequently Asked Questions

ZenCourse KIT is a flexible webinar subscription system.
You can choose the most interesting topics for you and choose your own access period, based on your wishes.

In this subscription you can access any three webinars - select them when subscribing by clicking on the buttons below. The minimum access period is 3 months. To increase it - add the required number in the cart section (note that the access period will change in multiples of three - 3 months / 6 months, etc.).

When renewing your subscription, you can replace the webinars with other webinars (one or more).

Viewing is possible from any two devices. Access is provided by installing the InfoProtector Player application on a personal computer / laptop, the ability to view with a tablet and cell phone - not guaranteed. Please verify the capabilities of your device from which you will be viewing before purchasing.

We hope that this service will be useful for your professional development and help you to keep up to date with the latest trends in dentistry.

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