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ENDO retreatment tactics for complications
Olga Zemliakova
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Frequently Asked Questions

Endodontic retreatment. 

Tactics in case of complications. Bypassing the steps. Closure of perforations. Work with wide apices. 



Apical periodontitis. Histology. Possible scenarios for the location of infection in the root canal.

The concept of success, doubtful outcome and treatment failure.

Causes of endodontic treatment failure

Purposes and principles of modern instrumental treatment of root canals.

Errors and complications of instrumental treatment (steps, losses of working length, perforations at different levels of the root canal). 


Steps and losses of working length:

Preventing the possibility of steps and root canal blockages. 

Bypass algorithm using manual files. 

Use of special files and rotation modes of endodontic motors for bypassing steps. 

Obturation of the root canal after bypassing the steps. 



Types of perforations. 

Causes of occurrence. 

Prevention and treatment. Factors affecting the effectiveness and prognosis of conservative treatment. 

Overview of ultrasonic nozzles for working in the area of infected perforations. 

Modern materials for closing perforations at different levels of the root canal. 

Tactics of management of teeth with wide apices and extensive areas of bone destruction.


Principles of preparation of wide root canals. 

Filling materials for obturation. New concept. 


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