Essential Lines

Designed to be useful in everyday dentistry, the Essential Lines technique is basically a tip for shaping the occlusal anatomy altogether, without missing proportions or valuable information which is drawn onto the tooth.

Coming from the simplification approach of Style Italiano philosophy, the idea of the team was to find a way to make daily posterior restoration procedures easy, combined with the Fast Modeling Technique (coming soon on Style Italiano) by Prof Louis Hardan.


New materials allow to reduce the polymerization contraction and, hence, a more effective deep polymerization.
Today, modeling the entire occlusal anatomy at one time is becoming more and more a necessity if we are to exploit new materials. This can lead to better results in terms of time and quality, if we spend less time to layer, we have more time for the details and/or to finish and polish the restoration.
Thanks to Roberto Spreafico, who inspired this approach.
Thanks to the Style Italiano Team, and, of course, our readers, that make our ideas go far!


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